When it comes to maintaining a tidy and hygienic workspace, PVC strip curtain are an often overlooked solution. But they bring a host of benefits that make them ideal for any kind of workspaces- be they offices, warehouses or industrial units. Now, let’s look at the distinct advantages they hold for each of these spaces.

Uses of PVC strip curtains for offices 

Dust-free office: If dust enters into the office space, it could affect the health of employees adversely. Moreover, accumulation of dust could damage electronic gadgets and devices like computers. This is especially true in offices located in arid regions or close to roads with heavy traffic. Given this, it’s a great idea to use PVC strip curtains for offices. They effectively prevent dust from entering the premises, keeping the office environment clean. 

Better air: Along with dust, other particulates that contaminate the air would also be blocked by using PVC strip curtains for offices. This naturally results in better quality of air. This obviously has positive health effects for the employees. 

Less noise: By definition, an office is a space where you need to stay focused on work for prolonged periods of time. Intrusion of unwanted noises is hardly conducive to doing good work. Thankfully, using PVC strip roll for offices provides a meaningful solution. The curtains are thick enough to block unwanted sounds from the outside, enabling employees to work without distractions.

Uses of PVC strip curtains for warehouses

Ease of passage: Warehouses are typically places where heavy loads are frequently carried in and out. A heavy door made of metal or door would be obstructive in such scenarios, and would slow down the passage of loads. By using PVC strip curtains for warehouses one could easily part the strips which promotes easy thoroughfare. 

Dust and pest free environment: Using PVC strip curtains for warehouses helps keep dust and pests from entering the premises. This is because PVC strips effectively block insects and other pests along with particulates in the air from coming through. This is especially important if edibles are stored in the warehouse. 

Separation of spaces: In certain cases, a warehouse may include the administration office space within its premises. Using PVC strip curtains for warehouses helps separate these spaces effectively. It ensures that noise from one space doesn’t breach into the next, disturbing functioning in the latter.

Uses of PVC strip curtains for industries 

For refrigeration spaces: Many industrial units, especially the ones involved in the food and beverages or pharma domains have refrigeration spaces. A key purpose of using PVC strip curtains for industries is to preserve the cold in such areas. The strips provide reasonable insulation so that the cold doesn’t seep out into adjacent spaces. 

Ideal for connecting spaces: Industrial units often have different spaces meant for multiple purposes. For instance, the manufacturing floor could co-exist with the cafeteria which could be near a cold storage unit. Now, it’s not always best for these areas to exist without gaps between them. 

For example, if the manufacturing and dining areas are right next to each other, noises from the former could be too much to bear in the cafeteria. For this reason, ‘connecting spaces’, usually very short corridors, are a staple in industrial units. By using PVC curtain for industries you can provide ample separation at the entrances to these corridors without obstructing passage. 

Pest and dust-free environment: As with the other spaces that were discussed earlier, using Industrial PVC Curtains for industries also blocks pests and dust from entering the premises. This results in a more hygienic and healthier space.

Common benefits of PVC strip curtains for any spaces 

Aside from the specific benefits that PVC strip curtains brings for individual spaces, they have a couple of advantages that are relevant no matter which space you use them in: 

Easy to maintain: PVC Curtain for AC are typically ‘low-maintenance’ products. They don’t have to be cared for with diligence, and are easy to clean. In fact, you can get them cleaned using just water and soap solution. It takes very less time to clean them as well. 

Resists scratches: Given how these are curtains used on doorways, you can assume that they get pushed aside and moved about a lot. Meaning, chances of them incurring scratches are high. The good news is that Strip Curtains are incredibly resistant to scratches, thereby enhancing their longevity. 

As you have seen, there are plenty of reasons to consider PVC strip curtains for your workspaces. Get them installed and enjoy the benefits they bring. 

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