PVC strip curtain are often used in industrial and commercial properties, for good reasons. They bring a host of functional benefits that make them desirable in such spaces. 



Compared to installing a heavy metal door, PVC curtains form a more cost-effective alternative. 

Allows natural light in: 

Due to their transparency, PVC curtain let in natural light into an area. There are plenty of health benefits for working in a naturally well lit space. It also helps you cut down on power bills- after all, you wouldn’t need powerful lights on at all times. 

Temperature control

The strips in the PVC strip curtain overlap with each other and so have no gap between them. So, these curtains can help trap the heat or cold within an area. It is especially efficient in keeping cold air in- one reason why you see them used in freezer rooms of various business establishments. 

Noise control 

PVC strips may appear flimsy but they absorb sound rather well. You can make use of this to block out noisy areas in a business place. 

Bird control 

Depending on where the business place is located, birds may breach into the premises, potentially resulting in damages. But having a PVC curtain over the door would prevent this. 

Insect control

Having insects flying around inside a space can damage your business’ reputation. You can keep insects out by hanging a PVC curtain over the door. 

Dust control 

A space may get dusty quickly if it is exposed to an area from where dust particles frequently rise- like a construction site or a road. The curtains would help block the dust from entering the space. 


Last but not least, PVC curtains are more convenient than conventional doors- especially in warehouses, cold rooms and other storage areas where objects are moved into and out frequently. Personnel could just push the curtain flaps aside instead of having to open and close the door every time. 

Where are PVC strip curtains typically used? 

These are the spaces in which they are typically used. 

  • Cold rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial work spaces
  • Supermarkets 
  • Hospitals 
  • Manufacturing plants 
  • Restaurant freezer units 

Now that you have seen the advantages of PVC strip curtains, use them in your industrial and commercial applications, and read the benefits.


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