Installing an air curtain in your business place has multiple benefits- like effective dust control, insect control and climate control. But to get the most out of it, get one that’s best suited for your business. Here are the factors to consider for that.


Other features of an air curtain wouldn’t mean much if you cannot get it in the right width for the door where you aim to install it. Ideally, the width of both should be the same. If you cannot get the curtain in the same width, get one that is wider than the door. 


The airflow should remain at an optimal level regardless of any differences in the temperature inside the building and outside. Airflow is measured in cubit feet per minute or CFM. Consult with an expert to find out the ideal airflow in CFM for your business place. 

Climatic conditions

A key decision-making factor for these curtains is the climatic conditions around the business premise. For example, if strong winds are a common feature of the landscape, get a curtain with a higher airflow. If, on the other hand, the climate is temperate, one with lower airflow might be enough. A carefully chosen curtain can lead to effective climate control inside the building. 

Dust control and Insect control 

Among an air curtain’s main uses is preventing dust particles and insects from entering the business premises. This is even more important for food and medical establishments. The ability to block out dust and insects are represented as dust and insect rejection rates. Make sure that these metrics are high in the curtain. 


While having an industrial air curtain in a business premise is a good idea, there is no need to draw unwanted attention to it. It’s supposed to function without being intrusive. One sign of a poorly designed industrial air curtain is making a lot of noise while working. That could negatively impact your business’ reputation. The noise level is expressed in decibels or dB. The lower the dB, the lesser the noise. So, go for a curtain with a low noise level. 

Now that you know what to look for in an air curtain, find the best one for your business, and start enjoying its numerous benefits.


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