Air curtains offer an effective and economical solution to control climatic conditions inside a space.The main purpose of an Air curtain is to separate two different environments so that you could keep unwanted aspects like heat and dust from breaching into one space from another. You could either install the air curtain over the main door to spaces like a warehouse or storage, or it could be installed inside a building, to climatically separate two different rooms. 

These two types of applications are called exterior separation and interior separation respectively. Let’s look at these two modes in detail, to see how each offers superior climate control in its own way. 

Climate control with exterior separation

As suggested before, exterior separation involves installing the air curtains at the entryway to a space, where it provides an air barrier between the wide open exterior and the building’s interior. 

Uses of exterior separation 

Temperature control: The flow and intensity of the air from an air curtain can be adjusted according to your requirements. This helps control the temperature inside buildings that are located in areas that experience extreme temperatures including high levels of heat and cold. The heat and cold from the outside will be effectively blocked, helping maintain a clement temperature in the interior. 

Prevents strong winds from entering: Many industrial and commercial facilities are located in high altitude and other regions where strong winds are the norm rather than the exception. Air curtains in Bangalore help prevent the powerful gusts of wind from entering into a space and disrupting the work in progress or damaging machineries. 

Preventing dust and dirt: Air curtains are effective not just in temperature control but also in keeping dust particles and dirt from entering a space. This is particularly useful for spaces where hygiene is of utmost significance- like in the pharma and food related industries. 

Keep pests out: Keeping insects and other potentially disease-carrying pests out of a premise is important from a health-perspective. In an industrial/commercial setting, diseases and the annoyance caused by pests could adversely affect productivity as well. Using an air curtain in this context is hugely beneficial as it prevents pests from entering a space. 

The advantages of exterior separation with air curtains

Less maintenance costs: Compared with conventional wooden and metallic doors, it is easier to maintain air curtains, which helps you reduce the maintenance costs. 

Better visibility: Unlike conventional doors, an air curtain doesn’t block your vision of the external  or internal spaces when viewed from the other side. This reduces the chances of accidents and other mishaps that could happen due to impeded vision. 

Climate control with interior separation

Interior separation implies installing an air curtain over a door or a passageway to separate two different spaces within a building. In some cases, air curtains are used in such situations along with a primary door. In these instances, once the primary door is opened, the air curtain kicks into action thereby keeping the unconditioned air from entering the space with the conditioned air. 

Common applications of interior separation 

Cold storage spaces: Cold storage spaces inside industrial and commercial buildings demand distinct temperature control. If the air from that space leeches out into other areas, it will hamper the effectiveness of the storage. Using commercial air curtains can prevent this problem. 

Wine bottle storage: Temperature control is important also in the case of storing certain edibles like wine. A separate storage space for wine bottles is part of many commercial spaces, and an aptly installed air curtain would help prevent the atmospheric integrity of the space. 

Dry foods storage units: Dry foods may be needed to be stored for long periods of time for various applications. In these cases, using commercial air curtains help keep the foods intact for long. 

Electronics storage: Certain sophisticated electronic and digital devices need temperature-controlled environments to function properly. Air curtains help keep the spaces around these devices to remain at optimal atmospheric conditions. 

In interior separation, the most important aspect to get the ideal climate control is the uniformity of air flow in the air curtains. To ensure this, get commercial air curtains from trusted brands that are known for their precision engineering. Air curtains with low velocity air but high uniformity work well for interior separation since they function with less noise. 

As you have seen, commercial air curtains for Home provide climate control in different settings. Enhance the quality and functionality of various spaces in your business by using air curtains. 

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