Soap Liquid dispenser and Sanitizer dispenser

Sanitized Safe Hands
To Stay Healthy

A touch-free fully dual-purpose hand wash dispenser for liquid soap as well as automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to disinfect your hands and hand dryer to dry your hands for your convenience in washrooms within just a few seconds.

A lightweight innovative design of the automatic soap dispenser wall mounted walls of the washroom spaces at homes, hospitals, shopping malls, schools & colleges, office buildings, restaurants, and more.

It is equipped with a built-in smart sensor, the device can sense your hands under the spout which automatically starts functioning.

This helps in maintaining hygiene and prevents cross-contamination of virulent particles at a cost-effective price.

How does a FEDON automatic washroom products work?

  • Place your hands below the spout of the hygiene device
  • The automatic sensor recognizes your hand
  • The device automatically starts functioning

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    Why should we use FEDON automatic washroom products?

    • Convenient, easy to use, and not time-consuming
    • Reduces the risk of contracting a disease
    • Helps prevent contamination and maintain hygiene

    Where can we use FEDON Automatic Hand Sanitizer

    The automatic hand sanitizer finds spaces In the washroom of

    • Homes & Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Shopping malls
    • Hospitals

    Model- FASD12

    FEDON Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    An automatic soap dispenser/hand sanitizer dispenser with a light body made of highly durable ABS plastic. It consists of a dispenser of 1200ml capacity that can be easily mounted on the walls of the restrooms. The device runs on a 6 V(4*C size battery) with a built-in sensor which on sensing your hands under the nozzle automatically dispenses out the sanitizer/liquid soap. A perfect device for your home and public places with excellent benefits in keeping one safe and healthy.

    Technical Specifications

    Parameters Description
    Operation Automatic ( sensor )
    Capacity 1200 ml
    Dispensing Pump Gel, Spray, Foam
    Dimension 154 * 114 *282 mm
    Color White
    Power 6 V(4*C size battery) or 6V Dc adaptor
    Material ABS Plastic
    Installation Wall-mounted type( with screws)
    LFT115 Fly & Mosquito catcher
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