Hit a Pest Free Zone With Linnea LED Warrior 27

LinneaTM LED Warrior 27

The Mext-Gen FIy Trap with LED TeIhnoIogy

Linnea® LED Warrior 27 sets a new standard in flying insect control with its unique design features and in-house lab testing, delivering an unmatched level of effectiveness. Compared to competitor models, it offers almost double the UVA light output, ensuring superior performance in eliminating flying insects.

How do LED Warrior 27 work?

  • 3 highly efficient UVA LED lamps with a lifespan of approximately 25000 hours
  • Energy-saving design reduces annual lamp replacement costs
  • Flies are trapped in glue boards, eliminating burning smell and zapping sounds.
  • Ideal for sensitive business locations and monitoring sites

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    Application Area

    • Restaurants & Cafeteria
    • Bars & Pubs
    • Food & Pharma Industry
    • Supermarkets
    • Meat & Fish processing plants
    • Theatres & convention centres
    • Packing Industries
    • Labs & Hospitals
    • Office Building & Educational Institutions
    • Airports & Reception
    • Gym, etc.
    Pestology Combines has developed Linnea® LED Warrior FLY TRAP machines to effectively control the population of flies, which carry harmful pathogens and spread diseases. These machines use UVA LED lights and high-quality glue-pads to trap flies without zapping or burning them, resulting in a cleaner surroundings. Linnea® LED Warrior is environment-friendly, complying with HACCP for food and pharma industries, and avoids glass contamination in the manufacturing process.

    Linnea® LED Warrior 27

    Why LINNEA® LED Warrior 27?

    Warrior LED tube fly control machines are designed for easy replacement of glue pad without disturbing the lamps. The unique opening and holding system makes the replacement of glue pads, cleaning, and service of the machines convenient and easy.

    The machine’s UVA emission at 365nm attracts flies from longer distances, even those invisible to the human eye.

    The Warrior LED Insect Trap efficiently attracts flies with reflective panels, increasing efficiency by 80% compared to other LED fly traps.

    Technical Specifications

    Lamps 3 UVA LED
    Trap Type Glue Board Fly Trap
    Dimension (LBH) 495 x 100 x 315 (mm)
    Power Consumption Approx 27 W
    Input Power 220 V, 50 Hz
    Installation Wall mounted
    Colour Gray & Black colour combination
    Weight 3.5 kg
    Outer Body Galvanized Iron Metal (GI) – rust-free material
    Coverage Area Approx. 160 Sqm (number of machines required depend up on the site conditions)


    Linnea® LED Warrior 27

    Longer Litespan ot the Lamp

    • Savings on your annual lamp replacing cost.

    Power Caring

    • Maximum Savings.
    • Minimum Power Consumption Cost.

    High Effectiveness

    • Less Time.
    • More Flies Trapped.

    User-FriendIy Design

    • Enables easy replacement of consumables.

    LED Technology

    • Attracts flies; even which are invisible to humans.
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