Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer

Ensuring the Safety of Your Family is Just a Click Away

We are living under the constant threat of being exposed to diseasecausing microorganisms. Surface sanitization of common objects and
household items is a preventive measure one can take to mitigate the
risk of pathogens. Our experts at Pestology Combines have come up
with a smart solution – Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer. Its UV-C lamps emit
Ultraviolet-C rays at 254 nm, which is effective in surface sanitization of a
variety of objects by killing viruses, bacteria, algae, mold, and protozoa.

The UV-C Technology

The UV-C technology involves exposing the products or materials as a
process of sanitization to the UV rays of an appropriate wavelength to
kill the germs. UV-C technology or exposure of UV-C rays of right dose for
the right amount of time kills almost 99% bacteria and inactivate virus
like Covid-19, salmonella, influenza, and more. UV-C at 254nm destroys
the genetic materials like DNA/RNA and protein structures, arresting their
ability to replicate, leaving them ineffective or dead preventing further

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Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer

The Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer is an enclosed chamber consisting of UV lamps emitting UV-C rays, sanitization shelves/trays and highly reflective coating. It has inbuilt smart sensors for safety and controls for hassle-free operation.


  1. Protective external double-walled body keeping in mind the safety ofthe user.
  2. A safety switch is installed that stops the process when the user accidentally opens the Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer.
  3. Internal finishing of highly reflective material to ensure that UV-rays reach each part of the object increasing the efficiency of sanitization.
  4. Inbuilt buzzer sends out an alarm when the process of disinfection / sanitization is successfully completed for the set time.

Operating Procedure

  1. Plug-in the power cable and turn on the power switch at the back of the unit
  2. Place the product to be sanitized on to the shelves and close the door
  3. Set the time by turning the control dial and press the start button.
  4. The system beeps on reaching the set time, indicating the completion of sanitization.


Fits Anywhere

Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer FSS04111 is a portable device that can be fitted into places like

Shopping Malls

Sanitizing Time Chart

Products Time
Mask and Currency 30 sec
Keys, Sunglasses, Headphones, etc. 1.30 min

Wallet, Mobile Phone, Power Bank, Tab, Calculator & Watch 2 min
Stationery, TV Remote, and Small Utensils 3 min
Fruits & Vegetables 4.30 min
Helmet, Laptops, Toys, & Similar Products 5 min
Small & Medium Food Packets and Other Delivery Packets 6 min

Technical Specifications

Model FSS04111
Product Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer
Outer Dimension 625X 340X 405 mm
Inner Dimension 460X 300X 340 mm
Capacity 49 Litres
Net Weight 14.5 kg
Gross Weight 17.650Kg
Package Dimension 700 X 420 X 450 cm
Light Source UV-C 254 nm
No. of Lamps 4
Lamp Useful Life (h) 11000 (h)
Timer Setting 30 sec to 6 min
Input Voltage 230 – 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption 45W( approximately)
Power Cable 3-Pin, 5A, 1.5 meters long
Irradiance Value (calculated) >11W/M²
Door Safety Yes (auto cut off when the user
accidentally opens the door)
Cabinet GI Powder Coated and Stainless
Steel Metal


How safe and smart is Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer to be used on a daily basis?

The Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer comes with smart inbuilt features. It is a perfect companion to disinfect objects that you use on a daily basis. It has a safety switch installed to avoid accidental exposure of UV-C radiation for the user by turning off the disinfection process when one tries to open the door of the Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer..

Can Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer sanitize the inside of the objects placed for disinfection?

The Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer can effectively sanitize the surface of the object that is exposed to the UV-C rays. Unfortunately, inside of objects cannot be sanitized because the UV-C rays do not have the capability to penetrate the inner side of the object.

How effective is Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer’s disinfection?

Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer does a great job in disinfecting when the objects are exposed to the UV-C light within the chamber. The Smart Sanitizer has a special internal finishing of highly reflective material increasing the efficiency of the UV-C rays resulting in better disinfection.

Is it advisable or possible to treat water using a Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer?

The Smart Sanitizer is very effective when it comes to surface disinfection, but water treatment involves a different process that Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer does not support. Hence, this Smart Sanitizer does not purify water.

Is it safe to disinfect electronic devices using Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer?

Yes, it is possible with Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer. This Smart Sanitizer helps you disinfect your everyday electronic devices like mobile phones, chargers, laptops, tablets, and more.

Is it possible to disinfect the refrigerated food packets? Does it warm up the food?

Yes, it is possible to disinfect the refrigerated food packets with Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer. There is no worry about the packed food heating up because this process of sanitization does not involve heating up of objects while exposed, for the recommended time.

Should the user leave the room while the process of disinfection is going on?

No, that would not be necessary because Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer is a well-protected unit, both internally and externally, that does not expose the user to UV-C radiation.

What is the duration of exposure of objects to UV-C light?

The duration of exposure varies depending on objects to be sanitized. Always follow the instruction manual with the recommended time limit to sanitize the objects to obtain effective sanitization.

Can users service the Fedon UV-C Smart Sanitizer by themselves?

No. The servicing of the Smart Sanitizer should be done, only by the authorized experts from the service team. So, it is recommended to contact the service team when required.

Is it possible for the UV-C light lamp inside the Smart Sanitizer unit to break?

It is highly unlikely to break the UV-C lamp under normal circumstances, if the Fedon UV-C Sanitizer is operated according to the user manual. If the lamp breaks accidentally, kindly refer the user manual or contact the authorized service team for further assistance. Meanwhile, clean up the device with gloves-covered hands.

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