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If you have ever been dashed by air blowing above your head when you walk into a closed room, you probably just walked under an active and fully functional Air curtain !

Pestology Combines is manufacturer of FEDON Air curtains, world-class industrial and commercial air curtain appliances that help in maintaining the temperature and quality of air besides warding off pests.

The strength of the air prevents dust, fumes & flying insects from exterior.

And it acts as an air wall by separating and maintaining the temperature between the two different spaces.

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How does Fedon Air Curtain Work?

Once switched on the Fedon Air Curtain, after the installation, it produces high Velocity air beams through the air outlet. This air beam acts as an air barrier which divides your space between external and internal environment without the use of any physical barrier.

The Air Barrier separates interior & exterior air. The powerful air barrier cannot be penetrated by dust, fumes, and flying insects.

Benefits of Fedon Air Curtain.

  • Up to 50% energy saving by blocking the conditioned air escape through door openings.
  • Easier communication and movement of employees and equipments so that the productivity is increased.
  • Protection from dust, fumes, Pests, and insects.
  • Maintaining your premises hygienic.

Features of Fedon Air Curtain

  • High Air Velocity.
  • Lowest possible noise levels.
  • 100% pure copper motors.
  • Rust and corrosion free enclosure.
  • Automatic options available.

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